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A Guidebook of Tozalazz Portable 12v Air Compressors

tozalazz 12v air compressor

Portable 12v air compressors are both a luxury and a necessity for off-roading. Whether you’re traversing any complex terrain, having the ability to air up wherever you are can make or break a day out.

Many 4WD trucks had air compressors from different brands. While it was super convenient to have the compressor tucked under the hood or trunk, many people pay more attention to how long it takes to air up and then go back to the road.

Tozalazz 12v Air Compressor is a  real beast. The Tozalazz air compressor not only has a striking resemblance to its pricier counterparts, but it also boasts of its sturdy and no-nonsense design. The equipment is outfitted with industry-leading driver motors and unparalleled solutions developed through extensive testing of millions of iterations. Meaning it makes sure it will handle all those weekend 4WD trips or daily needs.

Portable Air Compressors

Tozalazz 12v portable air compressor is a no-frills, straight-to-the-point compressor that offers exactly what you need, a perfect choice for truck tires and other big tires. it’s portable, so you can take it for your own use or inflate the tires in your team.

tozalazz 12v air compressor

Air Flow

The unit provides an impressive airflow of 11.65 CFM (cubic feet per minute). CFM represents the amount of air discharged by off-road air compressors within a minute. It’s crucial to consider the CFM requirements in relation to the tire size—larger tires necessitate a higher CFM. In comparison, the Smittybilt 2781 and the VIAIR 400P typically offer a standard 5.65 CFM, making this unit nearly twice as fast in terms of air delivery

Max Pressure

150 PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch): Max working pressure of 150 PSI.

Duty Cycle

how to calculate duty cycle

Duty Cycle Time: For most 4Runner owners with larger tires, this is important.  Tozalazz air compressor’s shell is a durable die-cast aluminum enclosure. The improved shell design empowers efficient heat dissipation, resulting in a quick cool-down time of just 3-5 minutes after use. This feature is crucial as it prevents overheating of the motor and cylinder, which can cause damage to the machine and reduce its overall lifespan.  Tozalazz can run continuously for 15 minutes at 40 PSI before it needs to be cooled down.

It’s ideal that none of us should have to spend an excessive amount of time inflating things, but it’s worth noting that most portable air compressors have a built-in cool-down period of around 30 minutes. This means you need to rest for 30 minutes to cool down before being used again. The bigger the tire, the longer the fill-up time, and if you have friends who don’t have onboard air, you may be running your unit for a while.

Tozalazz air compressor is a great option for those looking for a reliable and straightforward machine. It not only looks like the more expensive models out there but it’s also built to last. The motor is top-of-the-line, and the company has put it through countless tests to come up with unique solutions.

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What’s Included?

The unit itself is essentially self-contained, but it’s worth calling out what’s included:

portable air compressor for tires

8′ power cord with built-in battery clamps

26′ rubber air hose (perfect length if you’re filling rear tires or a nearby rig)

Quick Connector

3 Different nozzle adapters

Carrying bag to keep everything together

Tozalazz air compressor features a patented design with an upgraded metal shell, specifically a die-cast aluminum enclosure. This material provides exceptional durability and protects the internal structure of the machine. The upgraded shell design also offers improved heat dissipation, allowing the machine to cool down within 3-5 minutes after use. This feature not only protects the motor and cylinder but also maximizes the overall lifespan of the compressor.

In addition, the machine is equipped with a double-filtered air intake system. This system effectively prevents dust and debris from entering the 12V air compressor, ensuring the product’s longevity. Compared with the same class units(Dual air compressor), these features contribute to our product’s superior performance and longevity, making it an excellent choice for your air compressor needs.

12 volt Power Source:

Tozalazz portable air compressor is not all that different from other portable air systems. Instead of connecting to your vehicle’s auxiliary power outlet (also known as the “cigarette adapter”), it connects directly to the positive and negative terminals of your car’s battery. This can make it a convenient choice for off-road enthusiasts in locations like the Rocky Mountains, where access to electricity may be limited.

With this unit’s performance, we’re confident that you will be wildly impressed with this little air compressor. It dissipates heat quickly, and the air-up times are surprisingly fast. Once your car is powered on and the compressor is connected to the battery, it’s ready to go.

It can go from 20 to 35 psi in 1 minute per tire (F350 with 32″ tires). No wonder it is absolutely an excellent choice for your 4WD needs. Click here to see How fast the Tozalazz dual air compressor inflation.

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