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A Upgraded 12V Portable Dual Cylinder Air Compressor Released


Summary: Tozalazz released our product that will cut the tire pumping time by half two months ago, and a new version of it will make refitting much more convenient.  

Tozalazz, a manufacturer in the automobile industry for 15 years, has announced the release of an upgraded version of its 12V portable Dual Cylinder air compressor, designed for 4×4 trucks and other vehicles with big tires. This product boasts two motor drives, providing 330L/Min (11.65 CFM) airflow, which can easily air up a 35” tire from 25 PSI to 35 PSI in just 2 minutes.

The upgraded version features a US-standard male plug on the quick connector,  making it easier to connect with a 4-tire inflation & deflation system. The Tozalazz off-road air compressors is available for order on Tozalazz’s Amazon store or official website.

tozalzz air compressor

Product details:

  • Equipped with industry-leading driver motors, providing a maximum pressure of 150 PSI, the dual cylinder air compressor offers an unbelievable airflow of 11.65 CFM at 0 PSI and 7 CFM at 30 PSI.
  • It also features an auto-thermal cut-off system, which automatically shuts off the compressor when it overheats, and a double-filtered air-intake system to keep the air compressor free from dust and debris. Additionally, an air valve on the back of the gauge enables the release of air from the tire.
  • The metal shell of the air compressor is made of military-level die-cast aluminum alloy, which shortens the cooling time to 3-5 minutes and protects the structure of the machine.

One of our customers once said, “The most time-consuming aspect of pumping tires is setting up the various air hoses, rather than the actual pumping process”

Tozalazz’s dedication to developing better gears and kits for off-road adventures has led to the creation of this innovative product. The company’s core principle is to test and put its products in its own cars until it is satisfied.

For more information, please refer toTozalazz product improvement


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