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Who we are

We are a direct-to-consumer brand in the automotive industry specializing in tire air compressors for trucks, VRs, SUVs, 4X4s, and other off-road vehicles. With 15 years of experience in manufacturing vehicle accessories, our passion for vanlife drives us to continuously design and improve our products. We are a team of individuals who not only love our job but also the freedom and inspiration that comes with road trips with fellow vanlifers.

Our Story

The original air pump we used for our recreational vehicle was a single-cylinder model until we encountered a friend who was utilizing a dual-cylinder air pump, which was significantly more efficient than our own. Unfortunately, obtaining such a device was proving to be a difficult task.

In light of the annoyance of having to spend numerous minutes pumping each tire, we decided to take matters into our own hands and embark on the creation of a dual-cylinder air compressor specifically designed for overlanding.

Following extensive research and incorporating feedback from fellow owners of large trucks and 4X4 vehicles, we proudly introduce Tozalazz, our very own dual-cylinder air compressor.

Our dedicated team, consisting of technicians across the globe in China, the United States, and England, worked tirelessly to design and upgrade the drive motors, undergoing numerous field tests in some of the most challenging environments.

The result of their hard work is the Tozalazz off road air compressor, boasting 1080W of power and a military-grade aluminum alloy shell that ensures rapid heat dissipation.

In our love for vanlife and commitment to improving the experience of our fellow enthusiasts, we will continuously strive to design innovative gear and accessories for off road adventures.

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