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Customer Review of Tozalazz 12v Air Compressor

We got this customer review of Tozalazz 12v air compressor on Amazon verified purchase at May 28, with pros and cons, and we think it will be great to let more people see it.

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LIGHTNING FAST!! Extremely efficient and sturdy

Why did I buy this?  One of the deciding factors is that I’ve been removing TPMS sensors from my wheels and putting them into other wheels.  Its a pain getting the tire bead re-seated with the current inflator that I have.  Its a good inflator for inflating tires but it doesn’t have enough volume to re-seat the tire bead.  This inflator does have the CFM needed which is what made me finalize my purchase.

The first thing that pops out about this product is the price!  It definitely isn’t near the cost of similar products that do the same thing and is almost 3x the price of the Viair.  However, the price does reflect the craftsmanship, design and efficiency of the product which I will explain below.

The product is in a convenient carrying case.  The case itself is nothing to brag about but it is better than not having it at all as it keeps all the pieces together in one place and is convenient to leave in your car’s trunk without all the accessories jostling around.

When you receive the item, the next obvious thing about it is its weight.  It is made of metal which is the only type of inflator you should buy; never buy those with plastic as their prone to fail.

To say that it’s not light is an understatement which is why the inflator has a carrying handle.  The carrying handle can be placed up or down in case space is an issue in your trunk or at home.  It is very sturdy and is not loose.  With that being said, be sure you can carry at least 25 lbs in one hand as the weight of the unit is about 20 lbs give or take.

The inflator has dual cylinders.  Underneath each of cylinder caps are removable filters for the induced air which was surprising to me as I have never seen tire inflator with air filters before.

Aside from the inflator, there is a quick disconnect air hose with a pressure gauge and a locking air chuck.  The quick disconnect end of the hose goes to the inflator and the other end threads the air chuck.  The air hose is quite long and the manufacturers were smart in designing it as a separate piece from the inflator itself to conserve space when not in use.  Behind the gauge is also a push button air release deflator that you can use in the event that you put too much air into the tire and need to remove the excess.

The locking air chuck makes it easy to connect to the tire valve as you don’t need to thread it as other cheaper alternatives.  It takes me sometimes 20 seconds on my Viair just to thread it onto the tire valve so this is really convenient.  Amazon has an air hose and air chuck together with Tozalazz inflator as “Frequently bought together” but you don’t need either of those products as they are already included.

Now onto the speed…IT’S LIGHTING FAST!! The tire on the car I tested it on was 175 65 14 at 0 PSI for both tests.  The tire also stayed on the vehicle as this would replicate a real world scenario and I left the car on while inflating.  The first inflator took 91.6 seconds to get to 40 PSI whereas the Tozalazz took 41 seconds, 2.2x faster!  In fact, the Tozalazz actually filled more than 40 PSI and I had to use the deflator behind the gauge to get it to 40.

With that being said, if you do use this on a sedan or smaller tires, you need to pay extra attention to it because it can quickly fill it up past the recommended spec and risk damage or worse.

tozalazz unboxing

Now, was the price worth it for me even though I only have a sedan?  I would say for my applications, yes.  It has everything you could possibly need and you can service many different types of vehicles quick and efficiently.  You can leave it in the trunk and take it on trips.  Or if you’re like me and do work on your own tires, it will pump out enough volume to re-seat the tire bead.

1. Sturdy and well-built
2. Filtered Air
3. Swivel carrying handle
4. Quick Disconnect
5. Locking Air Chuck
6. Long battery connectors and air hose
7. Lighting fast
8. Carrying bag for inflator and accessories
9. Deflator behind the gauge

1. On the heavier side
2. Carrying bag feels a bit flimsy

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