Tozalazz 12V Air Compressor


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6 main features that Tozalazz will impress you

2X faster inflation

with two 540W Oil-Free direct-drive motor, it fully inflates a 35-inch tire to 30Psi in 3 mins

Overheating Protection

Auto-Thermal Cut-Off Protection that shuts off automatically

Heavy Duty Components

Durable die-cast aluminum enclosure, heavy duty wire、air hose

3-min cooling time

Military level die-cast aluminum alloy enclosure has better heat dissipation performance

Durable air-in system

Double filtered air-intake system to free from dust and debris

blackflow pressure overload protection

It will stop the machine If there are any obstructions during the inflation process, such as manually blocking the valve.

Why Choose Tozalazz 12V Air Compressor

"This thing is a BEAST!" people keep saying that

2X Faster Inflation

When it comes to taking your 4X4 vehicles off-roading, you know that airing down your tires for the trail and then airing them back up for the drive home can be a time-consuming and tedious task. But with Tozalazz's high-volume airflow of 11.65 CFM, you can inflate your tires a remarkable 2X faster than you could with regular 12V air compressors. That means you'll spend less time pumping up your tires and more time enjoying the thrilling adventure and stunning scenery on the trail.

Support You and Your group

Experience faster heat dissipation with the high-quality metal shell of Tozalazz air compressor. Its 15-minute running time followed by a 3-5 minute cool down period allows you to easily support the tire inflation needs of your entire group. Moreover, the main unit is likely to cool down by the time you move the air hoses to others' tires.

Price Accounts for Warranty

Good service and after-sales support are worth the investment. With Tozalazz, you don't have to settle for a measly one-year warranty on your 12V air compressor. Instead, you'll enjoy a whopping 48-month warranty that covers free replacements or repairs for any mechanical issues that may arise.

Tested and Approved by offroad Experts

Tozalazz 12V air compressors have been put to the test by over 30 respected offroading influencers, all of whom were impressed by their inflation efficiency. These compressors are quickly becoming the top choice among offroading communities, especially for group trail excursions. With a proven track record of reliable performance, Tozalazz air compressors are a smart investment for any offroading enthusiast looking for quality equipment that won't let them down when they need it most


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