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How fast is the Tozalazz dual air compressor inflation? This video reveals all

How fast could a dual air compressor be? Check this video to watch what they say.

“ It’s fast, it’s stable, puts out a ton of air. So yeah, when it comes time to air up on the trail, get yourself a Totalized compressor, air yourself back up, and then like, I don’t know, sit back and have a margarita or a beer or something and just watch the rest of your friends with their plebeian compressors struggling. And I don’t know how long it’s going to take me, and they’re going to have to get a hotel room while they’re waiting for the tires to fill up, you know? The thing is, this compressor is awesome. This is going to be my new compressor.”

–  from Everyman Overland

“I’ve never filled a tire like this any faster. In fact, I believe when I went to the gas station to top my tire off before, it took longer for that pump to fill it up than it did for this one. And that right there, I think, is a successful test for the Totalized Dual piston compressor. I think airing up from 8 to 36.2 PSI and however long, which I’ll put over here for you guys, was a success.”

– From Frugal Off Grid


Yeah, this one’s filling up a lot faster compared to this one. No, 25 pounds. Warm, but I can still hold my hand on it. Turned up a bit. This one’s just hitting between 15 and 20. Oh, that’s just below 40 if that’s right. I’ll go up one more pound. All right, that’s a little over three minutes. That’s probably about three minutes and 20 seconds. Do another couple of seconds, we’ll add that to the time I went over.”

– from 1D10CRACY

“ It’s amazing, telling you. And it’s amazing, you’re gonna love this thing.”

– from Sweet Project Cars

We collected some screenshots of tire inflation time from Tozalazz air compressor reviews on Amazon for your reference.


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