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Tozalazz off road air compressor

Our remarkable team is in action all over the world. Our technicians in China, United States and England design complicated driver motors and conduct millions of field tests in some of the harshest environments

2021, 5

Started with one Cylinder

First we started with one cylinder , after visiting many customers and did really heavy work,  we designed a dual cylinder air compressor. 

2022, 10

Heat dissipation is essential 

To address the issue of overheating in our two drive motors, we conducted a thorough analysis of over 20 air compressors available on the market. We observed that some of these compressors were made of plastic, while others were constructed with either galvanized aluminum or low-quality aluminum alloy. 

To resolve this issue, we decided to upgrade our compressor's shell to military-grade aluminum alloy, which is commonly used in the aerospace and medical industries. As a result, we can now confidently say that overheating problems are a thing of the past, and you can even touch the compressor with your bare hands after pumping for 10 minutes without any discomfort.

air compressor
2023, 2

Refitting friendly

The gauge was redesigned to max 150 PSI for better reading.

The quick connect air fitting male plug was replaced with US- standard air connector fitting  so that you can easily connect Tozalazz air compressor with other 4-tire inflation kit.

standard US male plug

backflow protection

a pressure overload protection was added to the 12v air compressor. this protection will stop the machine If there are any obstructions during the inflation process, such as manually blocking the valve.

working on a major improvement


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