FlexInflate Hose System

Inflate 1-4 tires at once, up to 180” wheelbase. Connect with Tozalazz portable air compressor for maximum efficiency.


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Product Description

If you need to inflate two tires, simply grab two hoses. When the task involves inflating three tires simultaneously, rest assured that FlexInflate has got you covered. And when the job calls for inflating two tires on two different trucks, you can count on FlexInflate's generously long hoses to do the job! Introducing the Tozalazz FlexInflate 4-tire inflation/deflation hose kit. With four individual hoses included, you can conveniently and flexibly inflate or deflate the tires of a single car or two separate cars.

This kit is compatible with several air compressors, including the Viair Corporation 45053, VIAIR 300P, VIAIR 400P, Smittybilt 5.65 CFM Air Compressor - 2781, and Gobege air compressor, as long as they come equipped with a US standard 1/4 NPT male plug.

Inflate/Deflate 1 to 4 tires simultaneously

  • Enjoy the convenience of 4 individual air hoses from the manifold, allowing you to air up 2 front tires at the same time
  • Two 13-foot hoses and two 8-foot hoses provide exceptional reach, accommodating wheelbases up to 180”.
  • Rapid locking air chucks for quick and easy connections.
  • Check all tire pressures from the manifold without bending.
  • The extended 8-foot adapter hose fits perfectly with larger trucks and RVs.
  • High-quality air hose rated up to 300 PSI and operational in temperatures from -68°F to 170°F.
  • Backed by a reliable 1-Year Warranty for peace of mind.
  • Package includes: 1* manifold (Air splitter), 1 pressure gauge, 2 *13.12 feet air hose, 2* 9.84 feet air hose, 1* 9.84 feet Adapter hose to connect the air compressor, 1* carry bag
User Manual

How to inflate 4 tires

Connect the manifold and air compressor with blue adapter hose

Install the rapid locking air chucks on tire valves, press the round button with Tozalazz Logo on the air chuck to pull it in or out.

Rotate and open the valve in the manifold first and then turn on the air compressor next.

when reached desired PSI, DO TURN OFF THE SWITCH on the air compressor FIRST and then close the valve on the manifold

Tire Inflation Hose Kit FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

1, connect the air compressor and the manifold with the blue adapter hose, make sure they lock tightly.

2, Connect the tire valve with rapid locking air chucks on the hose, press the round button with Tozalazz Logo on the air chuck to pull it in or out.

3,Rotate and turn on the valve of the manifold to start deflating, check the PSI after you turn off the valve.

Yes, you can. You will need an adapter to connect your air compressor to FlexInflate’s adapter hose, which is a female plug at the end of the hose.

Unlike the typical Tee Hose connectors available on the market, our design features 4 individual hoses that extend from the manifold. This unique setup allows you to conveniently inflate 2 front tires simultaneously or all 4 tires using just one set.

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