Dual 12v portable air compressor (11.65 CFM)

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Tozalazz Dual Cylinder 12 portable air compressor is an absolute game-changer for off-road enthusiasts. With its impressive 11.65 CFM (cubic feet per minute) capacity, this powerhouse of a compressor ensures you won't be wasting any time when it comes to airing up your tires. Whether you're tackling rocky trails or sandy dunes, this off road air compressor has your back, ensuring you're back on the road in no time.

When paired with the FlexInflate 4-tire inflation/deflation hose kit, you'll experience inflation speeds like never before.

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Specification of air compressor 12v:

  • [Further Innovation & High-Performance ] Tozalazz air compressor 12v comes with top-of-the-line driver motors that deliver a maximum pressure of 150 PSI. With an astounding airflow of 11.65 CFM at 0 PSI and 7 CFM at 30 PSI.
  • [2X Faster Inflation] It is revolutionarily equipped with TWO 60mm-cylinder, providing 1080w drive motor power in total which is twice than other regular 12v air pumps in the market. This air compressor takes 1 minute to pump a truck tire from 10 PSI to 40 PSI( TESTED ON THE 285/75R17 (33.8″)Tires).
  • [Overheating Protection] Auto-Thermal Cut-Off that shuts off automatically system when it is overheating, and a double filtered air-intake system to keep your 12v compressor free from dust and debris. 
  • [Pressure Overload Auto Cut-off] With a auto cut-off pressure switch, when the 12v compressor senses a pressure of 120psi, it automatically shuts off the machine to prevent damage. Generally, a 4x4 vehicle doesn't require inflation up to 120psi. If there are any obstructions during the inflation process, such as manually blocking the valve, the pipeline will quickly fill with gas, causing gas backflow within the limited space, resulting in damage to the air pump when the backflow impacts the interior of the pump.
  • [Fast Cooling Time & Heavy-Duty Built] Tozalazz portable air compressor upgraded the metal shell with a military-level die-cast aluminum alloy enclosure, which shortens the cooling time to 3- 5 mins and protects the structure of the machine.
  • [Package includes] a 12 volt air compressor, 8 ft power cord with battery clamps, 25ft air hose, US standard air fitting adapter, quick connector, a carry bag and 3 nozzles.
  • [Confidence from 24-Month Warranty]: With this unit's performance, we're confident that you'll love our portable air compressor. While others are providing a 12-month warranty, we extend it to 24 months. 

Tire Inflation Time

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Why Choose Tozalazz air compressor for truck?

"This thing is a BEAST!" people keep saying that

2X Faster Inflation

When it comes to taking your 4X4 vehicles off-roading, you know that airing down your tires for the trail and then airing them back up for the drive home can be a time-consuming and tedious task. But with Tozalazz's high-volume airflow of 11.65 CFM, you can inflate your tires a remarkable 2X faster than you could with regular 12 volt air compressors. That means you'll spend less time pumping up your tires and more time enjoying the thrilling adventure and stunning scenery on the trail.

Support You and Your group

Experience faster heat dissipation with the high-quality metal shell of Tozalazz air compressor. Its 15-minute running time followed by a 3-5 minute cool down period allows you to easily support the tire inflation needs of your entire group. Moreover, the main unit is likely to cool down by the time you move the air hoses to others' tires.

Price Accounts for Warranty

Good service and after-sales support are worth the investment. With Tozalazz, you don't have to settle for a measly one-year warranty on your 12 volt portable air compressor. Instead, you'll enjoy a whopping 24-month warranty that covers free replacements or repairs for any mechanical issues that may arise.

Tested and Approved by offroad Experts

Tozalazz air compressor 12v had been put to the test by over 30 respected offroading influencers, all of whom were impressed by their inflation efficiency. These compressors are quickly becoming the top choice among offroading communities, especially for group trail excursions. With a proven track record of reliable performance, Tozalazz air compressors are a smart investment for any offroading enthusiast looking for quality equipment that won't let them down when they need it most

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Additional information

Weight 23.7 lbs
Dimensions 15.91 × 11.69 × 11.65 in

Customer Reviews

26 reviews for Dual 12v portable air compressor (11.65 CFM)

  1. J. Warren

    Seems like a pretty heavy duty unit.This isn’t a small little unit you’d keep around for occasional usage. This seems like a heavy duty unit you’d need for a commercial or professional job. I’m not an expert but this seems like more then s residential thingOverall it seems nice and I like the design.

  2. Kevin T.

    The Tozalazz is my top pick for the best Air Compressor under $250 on the market, thanks to its Heavy-Duty Build & Unique Design. I’ve recently turned down most Air Compressors unless they have something unique. I have seen a lot of 12V Air Compressors, so you can imagine how a normal Air Compressor isn’t going to pique my interest.I found this 12v Air Compressor on amazon, which looked practical and cool, and I researched it. Description: It offers an unbelievable 11.35CFM (At 0 Psi) and 7 CFM at 30 psi…., and I decided to try it. This positive assessment concludes that the unit is perfect for many reasons.1) The following is based on 265/75 R16 tires. I reinflate the car tire from 15 to 36 psi in 43 seconds with this Tozalazz air compressor.2) It can go from 20 to 35 psi in 1 minute per tire (F350 with 32″ tires).3) After airing down, I inflated my Jeep Wrangle tires from 16 psi back to 30 psi in about 1 minute per tire.4) 4 minutes cooling time thanks to it being made from aluminum, noticeably shorter cooling times, better stability, and reproducibility. (8 to 20 minutes is common with most 12volt air compressors in an ambient temperature of 52°F.)I will upgrade this compressor. Replaced the air compressor connector with a 1/4″ industrial standard USA fitting, using 1/4″ NPT Female to M12x1.0 Male adapter from Amazon, Because I wanted to use the same hose with my CO2 system.I hope such a detailed review is helpful.

    Image #1 from Kevin T.
    Image #2 from Kevin T.
  3. Jesus

    I’ve had a car that’s been sitting out for some time. I used this to inflate my tires, and it did so expeditiously. The extra power available with this unit, is enabling me to connect it to a large tank for pressured air, for some pneumatic tools. I think it is expensive for what it is, but I can’t deny how well this performs. It’s big, and heavy too. Overall, I can recommend this to someone needing a powerful tire inflator.The added power this brings does give it dual uses as a traditional air compressor, and keep around for off road use.

  4. G Pena

    I really didn’t want to buy a dedicated on board air system for our Wrangler just yet and was looking for a good tuff unit.This on poped up and I snagged one to try.I run 37′ tires and needed something to air up faster than a tiny battery powered one.I aired down to 18psi and aired up to 36psi in right at 8.25 minutes.I prefer the direct connection to the battery as to not worry about problems with a fuse from the cigarette lighter socket.It’s a solid unit, nicely finished and constructed.I will post updates if anything changes.

  5. mbot

    If you want to see a happy face, get this for your husband, I wish I had recorded my husband when we opened it. He was so excited. In our opinion; it is excellent, it is made to last and is heavy duty. We are really happy with it.

  6. Ricky L.

    This is way better than I thought , a very well made compressor.

  7. BarbieJ

    This is a great portable air compressor that will pump up any tire that needs it. It hooks up directly to the battery and you can run the car while the compressor is running so it will not drain your battery. The included PSI gauge in the air hose is very handy as I can directly see how much PSI I have in my tires while I am pumping them up. This is a great portable air compressor that will be in my trunk every time I take it off-roading. Super handy!

  8. Lisa MCConnell

    My husband and I are very impressed with this. Being we have had mud trucks with big tires for years and now sitting for years on flat tires, it takes him forever to go out and air them up so we do t ruin them with an air tank, it is an half a day job to fill them all. Well he tried this out today and wow within seconds the first tire filled. He was so impressed, and so was I. We both said where has this been all of our lives. He hooked up the jumper cables to his van and wow aired up all of our big tires in no time. We can’t say enough about this compressor. If you have a few tires to air or lots of tires to air this is a big timesaver. Love this.

  9. troy owens

    This is the best air pump imaginable. I highly recommend it everyone. It is very strong and worthy of pumping the largest tires very quickly.

  10. Xephz82

    This is definitely a good pump to have in an emergency for any car. It works great from RV to big trucks.

    The thing I will say is that this may be overkill if you are using it for just a normal car but it does work for those tires as well regardless. Compared to many other of these similar device this comes with several additional pieces such as the long hose. It also comes with a battery clamp to car battery as that will be needed to power the device. You should have your car running if you are running this device as it will require a good amount of power to power this pump.

    This device definitely helps you if you have a low tire pressure anytime and do not need to go to the gas station. The down side is that you do need to pop the hood and connect this device so it is not exactly a quick pump but it still very nice to have. It is also a good way to avoid gas station pumps. You can finally pump your tire from the comfort of your home or if you are out and about and need a tire pumped up.

    There are two thing I will say first about this is that the pump does require to be plugged your car in order to use it to pump your car tires which means that you do not get to plug this into the wall for power. Second, you should and must have the car turned on and running before this will have enough power to pump your car tire. If you try it without turning on the engine, it will not have enough power to pump your car tires but it will work for say a basketball.

    It does not have a wall outlet so you are not able to plug this device directly into the wall, but if you have an adapter that will work with this. The normal default head for this pump is the car pump. From what I can tell, this device does not have its own built in battery and requires and external power source in order to function.

    The pump itself is going to be loud when pumping so be aware of that when using this. If there is not a lot of noise then there is not enough power going to the device and the pump will not actually work. I have not actually seen a tire pump that is not loud as it requires a ton of power to push air into the tire. It is pretty compact and light. There is also a very strong and well-built handle so you can easily carry the device to and from your car.

    I actually put this device in my car but it does take up a good amount of trunk space as the device is not exactly small or light. There is a black carrying case for the hose and device. It is not a small case and gives plenty of room for everything. The case handle seems durable so it should not break. There also an analog gauge. The thing to note is that this does not have its own shut off valve so you have to watch the gauge and know when to turn it off.

    You can also turn it on and off by pressing the center button. Do not really rely solely on the pressure gauge while this thing is pumping as the reading will be off while it is pumping. The hose and pump head do get pretty warm when using this for all four tires at once. Each tire could take up to five minutes to pump depending on the pressure level. This is something you can also fit in your trunk but it will take up too much space. It does not have a plug that goes into your cigarette lighter to draw power. There is no flashlight with this. The one downside is that the cables are a bit harder to organize compared to many other tie pumps.

    Overall I think this tire pump is a definite must for keeping in your car or RV. It definitely has enough power to pump your car or trucks. It really gives you a sense of security, saves you a trip to the gas station, and works pretty much for everything that may need air pumping. It does require a connection to your battery. You cannot connect it to anything else. The pump is powerful so you do not have to worry about not having enough air in your tires anymore. It is a bit on the heavy side being mostly metal so be aware of that. It is a bigger size but you can store it as needed but can be a bit annoying with the cable management especially the car jumper cord.

    Image #1 from Xephz82
  11. SmithHaus

    This heavy-duty air compressor is an amazing gift for your husband! We recently got an RV and I have been slowly adding some things to keep in there that would keep us safe on long trips. I heard my husband mention that we should always have an air compressor in the RV in case anything were to go wrong.After lots of research, I purchased this one and gave it to him for fathers day and he was so happy! We had to use it on a recent trip to Utah. The snow and cold air made our tire pressure super low. We had to pull over and he was able to easily use the air compressor and the two equipped cylinders to inflate all four tires!This air compressor has a ton of cool features and is made with high quality. The air compressor inflates super fast and takes only a minute per tire! We were shocked at how fast this worked with the durable cast aluminum enclosure and double-filtered air intake. I love how this air compressor has to overheat protection that shuts off the system automatically. Package included a 12-volt air compressor, 8 ft power cord with battery clamps, 25 ft air hose, quick connector, a carry bag and 3 pcs nozzle. This air compressor is awesome to have in case of emergency and works on all types of vehicles! We also used it to pump up our tires on our razor before going to ride and it has the psi pressure gauge and was so simple I could do it!

  12. Don

    Bought this after my Viair 300P compressor failed. I’m very impressed with the volume of air this compressor moves. It took my 33×12.5 15″ tires from 8lb to 35 in 1 minute 45 seconds each. That’s crazy fast. I’ve only used it once, time will tell if it is durable. It is larger and much heavier than the viair 300P, but well worth the extra weight in my opinion. I purchased this with my own money. This is an honest review.I’ll post a follow up review in a year or so, sooner if I have any trouble with it.

  13. Orcatrainer

    Every time I need to fill up my care tires, I had the choice between going to the gas station and use one of those beat up (and often not free) air compressor they have there, or use my huge workshop one that needs time to setup. Well, not any more now since I found this Tozalazz 12v air compressor.Keep in mind that this 12-volt portable air compressor is also tank-less. This means that it does not use an external storage tank that holds a supply of pressurized air. Instead, it provides a continuous ‘stream’ of air while they it’s on. This makes for a compact unit that is relatively easy to tuck away for storage, using the included bag, which can also be used for transportation of the unit.This air compressor connects directly to the battery of your vehicle using alligator clips. And it comes with an approximative 10 feet long power cord for ease of use. Note that being rated at 1080w, it’s so powerful that it will drain your battery quickly if you don’t start your engine first, and leave it on idle during the whole time you will be using this compressor.Love the fact that it also comes with some nozzle that can adapt on the main hose tip, and which you can use to inflate bicycle tires or playing balls, such as basketball…etcSo far, I am very happy with this compressor which offers a maximum air pressure limit of 150 PSI that is more than enough for most vehicle tires. And it can also deliver this air pressure with a maximum power draw of 1080 watts from the 12v power clips of your car’s battery.Only negative things I could found about this unit really, was the fact that it doesn’t have any auto-shut off that could be set when reaching the desired air pressure. Instead, you will have to keep an eye on the gauge and manually stop the compressor yourself once it reaches the pressure you want. So, definitely not to leave unattended while it’s running.

    Image #1 from Orcatrainer
  14. Paula

    This pump works well for inflating large tires, like on a large pickup or a motor home. It works just fine for smaller tires as well, like on a regular car.If you drive a regular car you probably won’t want this pump because it’s much bigger and heavier than you need. On the flip side, while one of the smaller units might manage to fill a truck tire, you’d probably be there until the middle of next month waiting for it to finish.The power cord and the hose combined are probably long enough to reach from the engine compartment to the back of an RV, except possibly one of the gigundo RVs that you sometimes see.My only minor complaint is that the jaws on the end of the power cable are too small and I had to be picky about where to grab the battery connector. I might replace these jaws with a pair like you’d see on good-quality jumper cables. (As it is, my pickup-owning brother can replace the jaws if he wants to.)

  15. Cocotazoo

    Very impressed with how quick it took to fill up my tires and my wife’s too. We went off road and it was 20° cold and this air compressor worked perfectly. Easy to use can’t complain worth the money.

    Image #1 from Cocotazoo
    Image #2 from Cocotazoo
  16. ken g

    Okay, just received the air compressor first impressions right out of the box. The compressor was packed in the black carry bag and inside a thick styrofoam box which is good. However, as you can see into the pictures the styrofoam lid was stuck to the carry bag and stained the black bag and does not rub off. Now I personally don’t care because the compressor is going to be used for off-roading and is going to get dirty and muddy anyway. But for somebody who doesn’t want a ugly stained bag it might be an issue. Now on to the compressor, this thing is tough, lots! Of air flow! everything the research I did says it is. High quality air hose with quick connect., high quality thick grade cables to the battery long cables, too. You can put the compressor on the ground instead of under the hood. Nice insulated carry handle which folds down. And I was expecting it to be louder cuz most of them are somewhat loud but it’s really not that loud. Update this review when I used it on my Jeep tires.

    Image #1 from ken g
    Image #2 from ken g
  17. Moparcjdrparts

    Air down a lot when hitting the trails and needed something to fill the tires back quickly. 39” tires deflated to 6psi aired upto 28 psi in 4 minutes and 40 seconds! All four at once. Yes thats right 4-39” Kanati mud hogs air from 6-28 in less than 5 minutes ! Took me longer to rig up the airline and compressor!

    Image #1 from Moparcjdrparts
    Image #2 from Moparcjdrparts
    Image #3 from Moparcjdrparts
    Image #4 from Moparcjdrparts
    Image #5 from Moparcjdrparts
  18. Kevin Sia

    Wish the cord was longer considering it has to be clamped onto the actual battery of the car. The air hose is plenty long but having to run back and forth to turn off the button then back to the pressure gauge (next to the air pumping point) is a bit tiresome. On the bright side, the pump is very fast for pumping up tires that is still semi-portable…. it’s relatively heavy for a “portable” air compressor. The time saved pumping up air in car tires though is great. 15 seconds MAX to go from 28psi to 40 on most passenger cars.

  19. Daniel K.

    I off-road often and has been a game changer!

  20. TBemman

    Airing up the Jeep and motorhome


    This compressor and a good volume of air for quick inflation, has a long hose with gauge and a nice carrying case . Highly recommend. I would definitely buy again

  22. Ethan Bates

    This thing is an absolute beast! This past weekend at @toyota_jamboree we broke a lot of stuff, but this air compressor wasn’t one of them!At 11.65CFM is is literally the fastest offroad air compressor on the market. It inflated my 33 inch tires from 15 PSI to 35 PSI in 4 minutes.I’d say it absolutely “blows” the other compressors away. This thing has been described as a beast, and at 16 pounds, generating 150PSI at 90 amps, I’d be hard pressed not to agree. The saying you get what you pay for, and you definitely get all of the dual cylinders.I’m excited to add this piece of kit to all my future trips and the occasional trip to the mall 😉🤘

    Image #1 from Ethan Bates
    Image #2 from Ethan Bates
  23. Stacy Rect

    The Tozalazz 12v Air Compressor Portable is one of the most powerful and efficient air compressors on the market. It is able to inflate tires 2x faster than traditional air compressors, and can even handle heavy duty truck tires with ease. The Tozalazz is also very portable, making it ideal for taking with you on the go. In addition to being an excellent air compressor, the Tozalazz comes with a complete tire repair kit, making it the perfect tool for fixing flats or other tire-related issues.

  24. Leigh

    Great air compressor for the money. I use it on my 265/75/r16 toyo AT on a tacoma and it handles them like nothing. Switched over from ironman 4×4 compressor and this runs quicker due to the dual compressors. Highly recommend.

    Image #1 from Leigh
  25. K. Ainsworth

    This compressor delivers 11.65 CFM. THE 25’ long air hose reaches all 4 tires with ease, and the 8’ power cable can reach the battery even from the ground on a lifted vehicle like mine. It’s quiet & efficient, airing up all 4 tires from 15psi to 40 psi in under 6 minutes without having to let the compressor cool, and does it relatively quietly. This compressor is solidly built and comes in a convenient carry bag with accessories to inflate balls and air mattresses. Overall, I’m very impressed with its construction and performance, and I will be making it a part of my vital, off-road kit!

    Image #1 from K. Ainsworth
    Image #2 from K. Ainsworth
    Image #3 from K. Ainsworth
    Image #4 from K. Ainsworth
  26. Walter

    This thing works great and fast, one suggestion I would have is to make the battery cable longer and the air hose shorter so you can shut the compressor off while your at the back tires and get an actual tire reading instead of the pressure in the hose, you can have the switch next to you when your 10’ from the battery. Other than that this thing is a beast and we’ll made, everyone who airs down a lot should have one, your friends would be jealous how fast you air up.

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