Why is proper tire inflation so important for off-roaders?

tire inflation

Tires are automobiles/bikes as legs are to humans. Keeping the tires of your vehicle properly inflated tires brings many benefits. It can result in your tires wearing evenly, prolonging their lifespan and improving your vehicle’s fuel economy.

When you are on a overlanding trail, you all know how rough the road would be, you would never go with under/overinflated tires. You should know several damages about how non-proper inflation could damage your car.

tire inflation
Underinflation: Underinflated tires lose their threads faster and become flatter. This results in the tire and the road’s surface making more contact than necessary. This phenomenon will cause premature wear to tires’ shoulders or sides. Another adverse effect is Money. According to a test before, underinflation can reduce the lifespan of a tire by 25%, which means you will need more frequent replacements and overuse the fuel. It is like pennies down the drain; you may not notice, but eventually, you will find you had more replacement cost than other off-roaders. Do you know what’s the scariest part of it? It reduces control of the steering wheel, which is a vital safety concern.

Costing more money on tires is one thing, and safety concerns are another. Braking hazard always comes as a byproduct of underinflation. If the tires do not sufficiently make more contact with the road, it will raise the probability of your brakes failing. You can still see the brakes working, but they would not work to their full potential. Emergency stops are almost impossible and raise high chances of collisions.

Overinflation: Overinflation is when tires have more PSIs than the manufacturer recommends. Doing this will result in unwanted rigidity of the tire in a short span of time. Opposite to underinflation, overinflated tires make less contact with the road than ideal, and the tires will become stiff and rigid, reducing the tire’s contact surface. Unwanted pumps occurred in this situation. Moreover, it also leads to faster wear of the tire’s centres. In either case, you lose both money and convenience.

With appropriately inflated tires, your trucks or SUVs will have better handling, giving you a more comfortable ride and dependable traction.

There are a few things to remember about tire inflation:

  • The pressure of your tires must be set in accordance with the car’s owner’s manual or based on the tire information placard, so a reliable pressure gauge is a must-have for off-roaders.
  • Tire pressure should be checked before you drive your car. You will not get the correct reading if you measure after the car has been driven.
  • Tire pressure is affected by temperature differences. Your tire pressure will drop when the temperature is cold and rise when the climate is warm. It is important to check the pressure of your tires when the season changes.
  • Stick to one gauge for consistency’s sake; using different gauges might give you various readings.
  • Take a 12v off road air compressor with you so you can air up your tires anytime without going to a gas station. With a universal 1/4″ NPT plug on the air hose, you can easily replace Tozalazz’s pressure gauge with your own gauge.

Do make sure all your tires are properly inflated. Not only does this hurt the wallet, but also the environment. Have a good trip!


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